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The miracle of Fatima (the sun) was renewed in Holving on January 21, 1992

It was a day when an apparition of the Blessed Virgin was supposed to take place, but since the visionary, Mrs. Anne-Marie, had been forbidden to gather by the bishop of Metz for a year, the gathering took place without her.
It was a little sparser than usual: 150 instead of the 500 usually expected.
It should also be noted that the winter temperature was not suitable (a few degrees below 0°). This took place in prayers and hymns from 2 to 3 pm.
Then the message of the Blessed Virgin, who had appeared two days before at the home of the visionary, was proclaimed to the participants. In this message, Our Lady exhorted the faithful to continue to come, as in the past, to pray in Holving. She also said that the truth would soon come out. She called the participants "her disciples".
Afterwards, there was a free distribution of bread rolls from the wheat field blessed by Our Lady. The message in German was also read to the German-speaking participants by Mr. Schaeffer. A person then took the floor, certifying that the previous Sunday, having come to pray in company of her son and another person, during the rosary (during the 3rd or 4th decade) they had been as if sprinkled by a sending of incense and this very strongly, 2 or 3 times. When I asked her for some details, she said to me: you don't believe in it too much, but it's true. I was a little undecided and like St. Thomas at the time, but I have since come back to it, having the privilege of witnessing an extraordinary event a few minutes later.
Then came the final song, the Holving song, i.e.: "You are leaving us, Ô Sainte Mary, come back, come back soon etc.". We were approximately at the last verse, when Mr. Schaeffer exclaimed: « Look at the sun, it's a miracle »!
Everyone turned around. The sun, which had been shining brightly a few moments before, had turned blue (Prussian blue) with a very slight white line around it. Then it began to oscillate, once to the right, once to the left and this many times (my impression: like a hand saying Goodbye). Then an intense, colored radiation of an extraordinary beauty took place, Colors close to those of the rainbow. This radiation doubled the surface of the sun (see sketch).
Personally I did not feel the cold any more, I do not know if it was the case at the other participants (at the time of the end of the prayers everyone shivered). It should also be noted that one could look at the sun without having pain in the eyes and without being dazzled.

At the same time, the church of Holving was covered with a "halo" comparable to the sun penetrating through a stained glass window and diffusing and reflecting a slightly yellowish color.
This halo looked like a huge canopy (similar to the one used for the visit of the pope or of a high dignitary of the church). This halo was also seen on the bottom of the Vosges and on the wood along the road to Sarralbe located at 2-3 km from there. It started at about 3:20/15:25 pm and the sun continued to shine like this until it set.
This phenomenon that I personally consider as a miracle, considering the moment and the circumstances, and all the participants will agree on that, is the confirmation of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin to Anne Marie (and not a deception as one wants to make believe).
According to what I have heard, this phenomenon was repeated the day after tomorrow at the same time and was seen by the participants in Holving. The question is whether only the participants of the prayer had this privilege or whether others saw it.

On my way back from Holving, I stopped at Anne-Marie's house. She was already aware of the event and told me how happy she was. She told the few people present that during the last apparition that had taken place at her house the day before, she had told the Blessed Virgin that she had difficulty in having the apparitions admitted, especially since there had been no miracle or concrete fact until now. It seems that some people have been healed but have not had the elegance and courage to say so and to make it known. The Blessed Virgin replied to him to have a little patience and that soon the Truth would come out. The miracle of the sun (the almost repeat of Fatima) is a good demonstration of this.
This extraordinary fact having been communicated to the correspondent of the R.L. in Sarreguemines, this one answered that he had received the order not to write anything more on Holving (in agreement with the Bishopric).
It is to be hoped that if this newspaper does not want to know anything, these facts will be reported by daily newspapers of other departments (Meurthe et Moselle, Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin) or even by German daily newspapers, since a considerable number of participants come from the Saarland and even from much further away (Frankfurt am Main).